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Je suis beau et intelligent. À part cela, je suis juriste helvète, libéral-conservateur, amateur d'armes, passionné d'histoire et de politique. Je suis libéral et capitaliste convaincu car je pense que c'est cela l'état naturel de l'homme. Je parle le "Schwiizerdütsch" avec un accent zurichois, j'adore la bonne musique, la bière et surtout la femme avec qui je vis.

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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Why the Internet is so sexy

Today my girlfriend received her monthly bill from her cell phone provider. Do you know how much she has to pay for an SMS she sent from Vienna to Switzerland when she came to see me? At that moment she had to make use of what is known as "roaming". One SMS sent from Vienna to Zurich costs 59 Swiss cents, that's about 40 Euro-cents! I wonder whether those prices are the same all around the world, or whether it is just the over-paid oligopolian Swiss providers that exploit their customers (I strongly believe it's the latter). The Swiss cell phone market is basically shared among three companies which fact gives them the power to keep a high level on prices.

Now, this reminds me of one the MIRACLES of today's world of communications (When saying "miracle", I of course don't intend to hurt anyone's religious feelings...): Have you ever noticed that e-mails are for free? Or that you don't have to pay any sort of fee for reading my blog? Imagine if you had to pay say 35 cents per e-mail you send; this would dramatically change today's communications, I am sure it would cut by half the total amount of e-mails sent. It is just unbelievable that no one has ever really tried to get hold of this and to tax every e-mail (yes, the U.N. is trying). Another advantage is that it makes it easier to make up your own mind by yourself. For example, despite the fact that everybody is talking about some cartoons and that many media are at the same time afraid to show them, you can still, on your own and by yourself, find out how they really look like and make your own judgment and reach your own conclusions. You can see stuff the Mainstream Media (MSM) won't usually tell you about at all (e.g. this cartoon is particularly interesting from a "tolerant and peaceful" point of view and this shows how "one-sided" Western Liberty of speech really is).

So, everything is for free. A few years ago, we were entirely dependent on what the MSM were willing to show us. What they didn't show us, we didn't know. Now, that's different. We got independent. That's what the free market is all about - it makes you richer, brighter, more independent, makes you look good, is good against depressions, is the best medication against socialists, is the only efficient tool against racial and sexual discrimination, gives you economic freedom (which is a preliminary condition to political freedom), etc. In short, Adam Smith knew what was good for humanity.

That's why the Internet is so sexy.


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