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Je suis beau et intelligent. À part cela, je suis juriste helvète, libéral-conservateur, amateur d'armes, passionné d'histoire et de politique. Je suis libéral et capitaliste convaincu car je pense que c'est cela l'état naturel de l'homme. Je parle le "Schwiizerdütsch" avec un accent zurichois, j'adore la bonne musique, la bière et surtout la femme avec qui je vis.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Again another Pallywood ?

There is considerable doubt on what really happenend recently on a Gaza Beach where "according to Palestinan Sources" Israeli shelling killed about seven Palestinian civilians sitting there at a familiy picknick. As usual, there is a crime scene, which is under Palestinian control and where the evidence is quickly removed, some doctored footage is broadcasted, Israeli officials are quick to apologize and Kofi Annan calls for an investigation*. It is not clear what happened although this sounds an awful lot like some new Palestinian propaganda designed to discredit Israel and make Tsahal appear like a bunch of nazi-like butchers. Once again however the rule must be: Beware of Arab propaganda.

Richard Landes (creator of the Second Draft which produced the famous Pallywood-movies) about this latest story:

I’ve now seen the footage of the BBC, Al Jazeera, and CNN. It bears all the marks of Pallywood:

Palestinian contribution
: no blood, bad child actors (it takes the girl two tries to throw herself on her father, no signs of damage or crater, hospital chaos with men in doctors’ coats accusing Israel, played over and over again on TV, use of rhetoric of genocide against Israel.

Western media contribution
: cutting to make it more believable (take out the girl throwing herself on the sand beside her “father” before “finding him”), cut from action piece to action piece so the audience doesn’t have the time to develop suspicions, accept the Palestinian version (Israeli shells) as reliable (without even presenting it as the Palestinian claim), presenting it with a warning about graphic footage setting up people to believe what they are supposed to be seeing). I have not seen or heard enough to be certain here. There’s still the possibility that this is real footage, although I’d be surprised. In the meantime, real or not, so much of this footage is questionable, that it illustrates just how unprofessional the media are (BBC are you listening?) that they would play this over and over again, giving their support to yet another Palestinian narrative that will bring misery to the Palestinians.
In case you haven't seen the two Pallywood-movies made by the Second Draft yet, you really should take a look at them (each is about 15 min. long, I commented here and here on them). The first one shows how trustworthy "Palestinian sources" are. The second one is about the infamous Mohamed Al-Dura case, where Israeli soldiers where blamed for having killed a Palestinian boy. In every case, these are excellent examples of how blunt lies are spread through our MSM (Mainstream Media). "A lie can get halfway around the world before the truth puts its pants on", as the old saying goes. But the harm will always be already done.

Both Second Draft movies will lead you to question what has been shown so far on the deaths on the Gaza beach. In case you haven't seen the official (doctored) Palestinian footage on the incident a few days ago yet, you can download it at Palestinian Media Watch:
Palestinian Authority TV has been repeatedly broadcasting a falsified video clip of the events surrounding the deaths of seven family members on the Gaza beach on Friday. In an attempt to blame Israel's navy for the deaths, PA TV took unrelated video of an Israeli missile boat firing at Gaza earlier in the day and edited them into the scenes, creating the impression Israeli responsibility. (...)

Comment: It should be noted that not only is the video falsified, but the beach scene clearly backs the Israeli contention that the deaths were not caused by an Israeli shell. Any Israeli shell would have left a giant crater and spread sand over the entire area, as well as on the victims. There is no crater and the beach scene is not disturbed in a way that indicates an Israeli shell could have landed nearby.
Another well-known example of Pallywood and anti-Israeli lies is this picture from 2000. More on this one at HonestReporting : The Photo that started it all:

*Kofi however never called for an investigation when suicide bombers killed Israeli civilians. Note that such bombings always had the support of the Palestinian "Authority".


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