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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Israel's ambassador before the UN

As Palestinian terrorism is back at its murderous best, it is worth to study the speech which Israel's ambassador delivered today at the UN:
Statement by Ambassador Itzhak Levanon, Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations, Geneva
7th Regular Session - Human Rights Council
Response to Resolution A/HRC/7/1
6 March 2008

Mr. President,
I cannot compete with the exaggerations, distortions and inaccuracies I haveheard here today. I must admit that I don't have such a fertile imagination, and am unable to point a rhetorical picture which doesn't reflect reality. What, yes, I can do is to tell you and the council the truth, the simple truth.

The truth is, that the Hamas terrorists took over the Gaza Strip by force, and established an irredentist entity. That, they have smuggled lethal weapons into this territory with the sole purpose to kill Israelis. That, since the beginning of this year, in only two months, they have fired 671 missiles at civilians, women and children.

That, they received these missiles from countries in the Middle East, such as the Iranian-made 122mm Grad missile. That, Hamas is committing war crimes and collectively punishing a population of a quarter of a million citizens living in Ashkelon, Sderot, the Negev and Netivot. That, they call for the physical destruction of my country and translate these words with deeds. That, they brought Al-Qaeda to the Gaza Strip, a fact confirmed by the President of the Palestinian Authority. Mahmoud Abbas, in the London El Hayat newspaper on 27 February 2008.

The truth is that 50% of the population of Sderot suffers from anxiety and stress. That, more than half of the juvenile population endures sleeping disorders. That, the children of southern Israel are screaming "I want to live."

That, Israel has left no stone unturned in our attempts to alert the international community that the situation is untenable. That, we have knocked on the door of every embassy and every chancellery. And the world remained silent.

The truth is, that in the 12 resolutions regarding the Palestinian-Israeli situation that have been passed by this Council, not one has made even passing mention of the relentless aggression against Israel.

Not only of them has called explicitly to halt the deluge of Kassam rockets and Grad missiles. Not one of them attempted to recognize that Palestinians do not have a monopoly on suffering; not one of them acknowledged that the children of Israel have the same right to safety as Palestinian children.

Not one of them attempted to empathize with the cries of an Israeli mother protecting her children, or the fear and trauma experienced while running to a bomb shelter, know that only 30 seconds separates you from death.

Mr. President,
Israel will not be intimated by critical words of one-sided resolutions. We have the fundamental right to live and the essential right to self-defense. It is our obligation to protect our citizens and we will do so.

The passage of yet another resolution will not waive the problem, and will not bring stability to the region. The solution, Mr. President, is deceptively simple: Hamas aggression must stop immediately. The firing of missiles must terminate completely.

When the Palestinian permanent observer takes the floor, I wonder on behalf of whom is he acting? Is it on behalf of his President Abbas, who seeks peace and stability with Israel? Or does he defend the Hamas terrorists who spread suffering and desolation?

Mr. President,
Another routine resolution does not show temerity. A country making patronizing statements at the High Level Segment does not demonstrate strong moral fiber.

A true show of courage would be displayed if the members of this Council would look with objective eyes, would think in a non-selective way, and would decide impartially.

Yet, because of the self-serving members of the OIC and Arab Group who hold a majority can block any courageous steps, that is unlikely to happen here. For those who constantly ask why we do not engage with the Council more often, it is precisely because of circumstances such as this.
This is also a good opportunity to pay tribute to Ariel Sharon, who has turned 80 a few days ago.

Thanks to Gabrielle for the text of the above statement.

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