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Je suis beau et intelligent. À part cela, je suis juriste helvète, libéral-conservateur, amateur d'armes, passionné d'histoire et de politique. Je suis libéral et capitaliste convaincu car je pense que c'est cela l'état naturel de l'homme. Je parle le "Schwiizerdütsch" avec un accent zurichois, j'adore la bonne musique, la bière et surtout la femme avec qui je vis.

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Open source planning on disarming Iran?

Ludovic Monnerat, swiss military and strategy expert, asks the question of what is going to happen in 2006 about the Iranian nuclear problem. My readers know my opinion on the issue; I believe that Ahmadinejad's statement to wipe off Israel from the map is a sufficient casus belli for Israel. The fact that Iran clerarly wants to have the bomb poses a real threat to the region. Furthermore, it is obvious that the jewish state is going to be in the first line. This could lead that country to the understandable conclusion that it has no other choice than to defend itself - as long as there is still time to do so. I think my view on the issue is not very far away from Ludovic's. It is also not very probable that the United States is going to let Israel do the entire job alone. Everybody knows that the discussion in the U.S. is seriously taking place now. But, substantially, what's going to be the plan? How to do it? Iran in 2006 is not Osirak in 1981.

Therefore, Ludovic has the brilliant and groundbreaking idea to start a sort of open-sourced planning on how to disarm Iran. In my view, one concern should be how to justify such an action to the public opinion. Would it be illegal? Would it nevertheless be justifiable? I don't pretend to have the right answer to these questions. But it surely is a very interesting issue. I believe that this open source approach could be interesting both for "practioners" (politicians and military planners) and for the academic field (e.g. University of St.Gallen in Switzerland and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology).


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